Sound of Darkness, 2016

The work Sound of Darkness was recorded at Kagekiyodo-cave in Akiyoshidai Japan during an artist residency at Akiyoshidai International Art Village. The Akiyoshidai plateau was a coral reef an estimated 300 million years ago, and the karst topography that we see today is the result of the gradual dissolution of limestone by rain through the years. Underneath the Akiyoshidai plateau over 400 limestone caves can be found made by limestone dissolving away in the ground water. In the caves complete darkness can be found and the space can be perceived only through the sense of hearing.

The work Sound of Darkness was a co-operative project created with people living in Akiyoshidai. Based on the experience in the dark cave improvised soundscape was made by using sound and japanese onomatopoeic words*. The soundscape was recorded with binaural microphones while walking in the cave to create a spatial experience. The work is presented in a completely dark room with headphones, giving the viewer an experience how a space can be perceived without the sense of sight.

*Onomatopoeic is a word that imitates, resembles or suggests the sound that it describes.

Warm thanks to all the people participating:

村岡 千栄子 Chieko Muraoka
濱野 百合枝 Yurie Hamano
大田 道洋 Mihcihiro Ota
大田 慶 Kei Ota
持田 聖子 Seiko Mochida
航舳 峻一 Toshihito Watanabe
森下 千恵 Chie Morishita
井上 みゆき Miyuki Inoue
岡本 昌子 Shouko Okamoto
綿引 恵子 Keiko Watahiki
中野 幸郎 Sachiro Nakano
野村 真生 Maki Nomura
野村 雅美 Masami Nomura
野村 心優 Miyu Nomura
塩田 望実 Nozomi Shiota