Julia Kartesalo (born 1984)

Cultural producer and curator, based in Helsinki

I graduated 2011 from University of Hildesheim (DE) in Cultural Studies with emphasis on Fine Arts and Cultural Management and Policy. Between 2011 and 2012 I worked as a freelancer within the exhibition context, among others as assistant of the exhibition manager of the 4th Fotofestival Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg (DE) and as Leonardo da Vinci fellow at Helsingin taidemuseo, Helsinki (FI).

From 2013 to 2015 I was Junior Curator at Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (DE). There I curated the exhibition alex wollner brasil. design visual with Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp as part of the cultural programme of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013. After that, I was responsible for the concept and direction of the exhibition Vom Verbergen in collaboration with Matthias Wagner K. I am temporarily on paternal leave.

The portfolio gives a first impression of my work interests and gained experience on curating, managing and teaching within the art field. The wide range of my professional activities and previous collaboration with many different cultural operators and institutions complement the artistic work approach of Mari Mäkiö. We see ourselves as a competent and very motivated team to realise our project idea.


Co-curating of the exhibition Vom Verbergen (Secret Compartments)

23 July 2015 - 6 March 2016, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main


At the core of the exhibition is the multiperspectival contemplation of the museum’s own heterogeneous collection with regard to the phenomenon of concealment. The Museum Angewandte Kunst opened up its depots to thirty experts and culture producers from museums and institutions as a way of tracing various possibilities, motifs and functions of this phenomenon with the aid of the objects they selected. Through the item chosen, but also through its curatorial staging, each individual presentation comments on the double character of revealing and concealing anew.

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Co–curation of the exhibition alex wollner brasil. design visual

21 September 2013 - 16 February 2014, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main

The Museum devoted a major retrospective – the first ever in Europe – to the Brazilian design pioneer Alexandre Wollner. Born in São Paulo in 1928, Wollner played a prominent role in the artistic, cultural and economic establishment of modern Brazilian design and to this day exerts tremendous influence on the Brazilian design scene. The exhibition brought together some 120 works by the designer from the areas of painting, photography and design provided an overview of his work. Further focusses were the strong influence of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, which Wollner attended from 1954 to 1958, and Wollner’s relationship to European culture.

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Exhibition management of the exhibition Muutos (Change)

12 October – 30 October 2012, Helsingin taidemuseo, Helsinki

How is the world changing? How would you like to change it? The exhibition for children and adults reflected on what our future might look, sound and feel like and was growing in the shape of workshops and events in which fears, visions, and dreams of the future were expressed in different artistic forms.

The exhibition has been produced by the Helsinki Art Museum in collaboration with the City of Helsinki Cultural Office and art education students from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and with the participation of Stoa, Töölö elementary school, Tyttöjen talo, Wednesday Club and Tennari Youth Group of Helsinki Art Museum and several workshop instructors.

Curation of a photo screening

6 April 2014, 2014Frames, Glasgow

2014Frames presented a diverse selection of critical documentary, fine art, and experimental international photography in a series of public slide shows that took place concurrent to the 2014 Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

My section assembled the works of five visual artists based in Brazil as an attempt to offer glimpses at the current art and photography activities in this country. The variety of the works emphasized the diverse use of photography in artistic practices: Photographs can function within a conceptual framework, as objects, but also to investigate pictorial representations or to create memories and fictions based on family relations and everyday life.  

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Workshop instruction

2012 – 2014, FSJ Kultur (voluntary year in the cultural sector) of LBK Hessen, Frankfurt am Main

I was instructing several art and photography workshops for volunteers of the programme FSJ Kultur. After some theoretical input the participants worked on assignments. The main objective of the workshop was to enable the young adults to work out their own artistic project. At the end of the workshop the participants planned and realised a group exhibition of the produced works.

Exhibition management of the 4th Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg and

10 September – 6 November 2011

Curatorial assistance for a selected presentation of the festival

12 February 2012 – 1 April 2012, Grimmuseum, Berlin

As assistant of the exhibition manager I was co-responsible for the production and coordination of exhibitions at 8 different locations in three cities with around 60 international artists.

The 4th edition of the Fotofestival curated by Katerina Gregos & Solvej Helveg Ovesen focused on the role of photography as it beared witness to the human condition at the dawn of the second decade of the 21st century. The eye is a lonely hunter: Images of Humankind aimed to present a multifaceted portrait of humanity in all the diversity of its time; in the aftermath of nineteenth and twentieth century colonialism and collapsed ideologies and based on an ethnographic and anthropological research by artists in the era of globalisation.

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Concept and realisation of the student exhibition SOUVENIR # Brasilien

8 January – 5 February 2011, Kulturflur, Hildesheim

The exhibition brought together the works of several artists as recollections of a journey to Brazil. Collected and stored in a suitcase which was opened for the first time at the project space Kulturflur, the unpacked pictures, objects and work fragments were assembling an open collection, recounting episodes about personal encounters, farewell and oblivion.

With the participation of: Abel Duarte, Augusto Malbouisson, Breno Rotatori, Carlos Contente, Davi Ribeiro, Erik Van der Weijde, Flávio Vasconcellos, Jéssica Mangaba, Julia Pombo, Joachim Schmid, Lippe Muniz, Lucas Simões, Luiza Baldan, Pontogor, Marcelo Amorim and Rafael Adorján.

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Editorial work of the publication alex wollner brasil. design visual

2013, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, Tübingen/Berlin

Exhibition catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name at Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main. Editors: Klaus Klemp, Julia Koch, Matthias Wagner. Texts by Klaus Klemp, Julia Koch, Malou von Muralt, René Spitz, André Stolarski, Alexandre Wollner. German and English. 324 pages.

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Mari Mäkiö (born 1982)

Artist and freelance photographer based in Helsinki

I work with video, sound, photography, text and installation. An important part of my work is creating the content of the work together with people from different positions and backgrounds. In spring 2015 I graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture from the Department of Photography. My works has been presented in solo exhibitions in Finland and in group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. I have also participated in Artist in Residence programs in Japan and Austria.

In addition to artistic work I also work as a freelance photographer and I have been working as a guide and museum worker at the Didrichsen Art Museum and Taidehalli. I have also been part of organizing international art projects, festivals in Finland and workshops for children.

I present here examples of my resent artistic work and other projects & workshops I have been organizing.




Sound of Darkness (2016)

The work Sound of Darkness was recorded at Kagekiyodo-cave in Akiyoshidai Japan during an artist residency at Akiyoshidai International Art Village. The Akiyoshidai plateau was a coral reef an estimated 300 million years ago, and the karst topography that we see today is the result of the gradual dissolution of limestone by rain through the years. Underneath the Akiyoshidai plateau over 400 limestone caves can be found made by limestone dissolving away in the ground water. In the caves complete darkness can be found and the space can be perceived only through the sense of hearing.

The work Sound of Darkness was a co-operative project created with people living in Akiyoshidai. Based on the experience in the dark cave improvised soundscape was made by using sound and japanese onomatopoeic words. The soundscape was recorded with binaural microphones while walking in the cave to create a spatial experience. The result of the project was presented in an exhibition at AIAV in completely dark room with headphones, giving the viewer an experience how a space can be perceived without the sense of sight.

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(A) Life (2015)

(A) Life is an installation consisting of images, text, video and sound telling a story of a person. Rather than a coherent narrative, it is a group of fragmental speculations and interpretations. The basis of the installation are one man’s photo albums. Since he had no rememberers after death, they are the only tangible thing left of his life.

Based on these three albums, six persons working in various fields made their interpretations. (A) Life includes contributions from Finnish authors Anna Kortelainen and Maria Peura, private detectives Pentti Lintunen and Susan Aerts-Lintunen, poet Kasper Salonen, and doctor of medicine Amos Pasternack. Furthermore the photos that are excerpted from the albums reconstructs their own story.

In addition to interpretations there is another narrative present in the space, elaborating the artistic process via text Prologue and video Epilogue. The work was exhibited in Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki, Finland and Photo Centre Peri in Turku, Finland in spring 2015.

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Urbaanit Asumismessut (2014)

Urbaanit asumismessut was a festival about ecological urban living taking place at Helsinki 30.8.2013 and Tampere 20.9.2013. I was co-producing and organizing the festival as part of activities of Dodo ry, a Finnish environmental organization. I was also responsible of photographing the festival locations in Helsinki.

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Supervision (2013)


Supervision was a exhibition project organized by four young artists: Mari Mäkiö from Finland, Susanna Flock & Leonhard von Links from Austria and Laura Ferrara from Switzerland. The exhibition project brought together works of art which are connected to the fields of observation, perception and surveillance.

The exhibition was presented in each of our home cities: in Helsinki at Gallery Huuto, in LInz at Atelierhaus Salzamt and in Zürich at Kulturhaus Remise. In addition to the exhibition we also participated to an one month residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt to develope the exhibition plan further.

Soundscapes (2016)

Soundscapes was a workshop I organized at the Kama elementery school in Akiyoshidai Japan, as a part of the residency programme at Akiyoshidai International Art Village. I brought with me animations made by the students of Annantalo Arts Centre in Helsinki, Finland. During the workshop we created soundscapes to the animations with the pupils from the Kama elementary School. 

My Favorite Sound (2014)

My Favorite Sound was a workshop organized together with a finnish organization LapCI ry. LapCI ry is a national association for the families with children with hearing impairment who are using a Cochlear Implant. The workshop was co-operative studio workshop, where together with the children we created self–portraits depicting the favorite sounds of the participants.


I have also worked as a freelance photographer for different organizations such as Amnesty International & Sininauhasäätiö and for Huili–, Meidän perhe– and Aalto University–magazines. I also work for different companies and for private persons.