Kaarela 2100 / by Mari Mäkiö


Kaarela 2100

What would a 3D printer creating synthetic burgers sound like? How about a virtual trip to the Caribbean or a hyperloop-capsule that moves at a thousand kilometers an hour?

In the Kaarela 2100 project, 9th-grade students from the Apollo School’s music specialised and music elective classes were invited to imagine what Kaarela neighborhood in Helsinki would sound like in the year 2100. During the project, students explored the future together and created soundscapes. The students used techniques known from cinema sound design, such as Foley. The pupils designed, recorded and edited their own visions of the future.

The project was led by the artist Mari Mäkiö, sound designer & musician Jyri Pirinen, and the Apollo School’s music lecturer Nacera Ketroussi. The students involved in the project: Matias Jääskeläinen, Tony Kejonen, Jennifer Lomalisa, Pauli Sirén, David Kodia-Ndundu, Kristofer Kuusik, Timo Konovalov, Daniil Kravets, Hakim Laalag, Amir Timame, Jomi Papunen, Kaisla Latva-Karjanmaa and Lotta Sainio. The project was created together with The Helsinki Artists’ Association (Art-Ring project), the Apollo School, the Kannelmäki Youth Center and the Future School.

The soundscapes by the students were presented in an exhibition at Gallery Kanneltalo 06.-27.12.2018.